The Importance of Water

The Importance Of Water

😀 Swash-buckling teeth defenders!

Our saliva is 99 % water so naturally, we need to replenish it. Saliva is our first defence of our bodies attacking the destructive acids produced after we eat. So, it helps prevent tooth decay. Saliva also washes away food particles and debris in the mouth that the cavity-causing bacteria need to munch on.

😀Dry mouth – no ta!

If we have dry mouth we can’t taste or enjoy food. Saliva is needed to soften the food so it’s easier to breakdown and swallow. Imagine no saliva and eating a packet of crackers?

A dry mouth is also prone to infection and ulcers when the flesh is broken, water keeps the barrier strong.

😀Water strengthens our chompers

With the calcium fluoride in our saliva, it replenishes lost minerals in our enamel damaged by nasty acids. Toughening the outer layer (enamel) making it less liking to breakdown to cause tooth decay- simples!

😀Sugar-free and FREE!

These days fizzy and sports drinks are packed with sugar its enough to make Willy Wonka squirm in his chair! Some countries are adding sugar taxes to help discourage people from drinking them. The UK, Mexico and France are but a few already implementing it, the USA has some jurisdictions that have it in place but there is no national tax. Hopefully, Australia follows suit.

Our tap water is the best all-round drink. With fluoride in it, it’s the cheapest, cost-effective way to help tooth decay on a massive scale.

The Australian Dental Association has backed it all the way. Some debate still lingers in the matter but in safe levels, it has been proven to be one of the top health measures of the last century!

How many glasses have u had today??