General Dentistry in Beaumaris

BFD covers your general dental needs and much more!

In fact, we are anything but general dentists! Our experienced dentists provide all high standard treatments in – house. So, there is no need to refer you, or members of your family out with the practice. We also know that oral health plays a vital role in overall health so we work closely with our local health professionals such as GPs, osteopaths, physiotherapists, cardiac and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists to ensure you are well looked after. We have you covered.

What we do…

There is no point in planning any exciting treatments if we haven’t checked the basics. Good dental habits, that is coming to see us every 6 months, having a good diet, cleaning and brushing twice daily, are fundamental to having a healthy mouth AND body. Studies have shown an unhealthy mouth can increase your risks of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and having pre-term and low birth weight babies.

At your check-up, we are looking for problems that we can detect early on, from decay, cracked teeth, gum disease, so saving you time off work, money, painful lengthy treatments and your teeth of course! (We may advise seeing you more frequently than your usual 6 monthly dental check up if there are any current problems).

We do not only treat the cause but to educate you in prevention. We aim to preserve your teeth, smile, and general well-being.

As the famous Spanish author, Miguel de Cervantes, once wrote:

Miguel de Cervantes

That quote couldn’t be truer!

Once you lose one tooth you may think that it is not a big deal and some people are not bothered by it. Some can live quite happily with a missing tooth even a missing molar, however, nature then takes over. Then the teeth start to move slowly into the wrong position.

Your First Visit

We insist on making each and every patient, new or current, feel relaxed and well looked after, each and every time you come for your appointments. All team members will work together to make your experience unforgettable for the right reasons.

If your appointment is your first time seeing us, please head over to our new dental patients page to see what you can expect.