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All on 4

All on 4 is a procedure replacing a failing dentition with 4 to 6 implants which holds a full set of prosthetic teeth. This not only gives full function back, but fundamentally improves confidence and self-esteem. For most patients, it is life changing.

Dental Implants - All on 4

Why have it done?

Some people may choose to have their teeth removed due to having a lifetime of self-consciousness due to:

  • Decayed, crooked, crowded, or missing teeth
  • Gum problems (smoking, genetics)
  • Trauma (car accident, fight)
  • Constantly have had dental treatment for decades and and the costs for All on 4 works out in favour than future dental treatment
  • Denture wearing – poorly fitting, loose dentures

The Procedure

The procedure is completed in a single day!

All remaining teeth are removed and 4 – 6 implants are fitted into the bone.
A full set of temporary teeth are fitted onto the implants THE SAME DAY, so you can start smiling with confidence from day one.

There is some further healing and after 4 months a definitive set of teeth are delivered for extra longevity and durability.

Payment Plans Available!

All on 4 is a cost-effective procedure
versus continuing dental treatments and re-treatments

Fantastic fixed solution to loose dentures or missing teeth.

Implants placed and new teeth
- same day

Everything planned to a finite detail, digitally, with our expert dental technicians.​

Eat and speak with more confidence with teeth that look and feel like natural teeth.

After All on 4

Once your definitive prosthesis is fitted after 4 months of wearing your temporary teeth, we reiterate to patients that regular maintenance and assessment of the fittings be checked and cleaned. Studies show that with regular visits to the hygienists and good home care, your prosthesis can last minimum 10-15 years.

Want to learn more?
Fill in the contact form with your enquiry and one of our All on 4 representatives will get in contact with you with more details.