Braces for Adults

Bayside Braces and Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics not only create a beautiful, straight smile, they have a list of other benefits as well.

  1. Straight teeth are easier to clean and therefore you will have healthier gums and less decay
  2. If the jaws are in a good relationship, the teeth will be too, reducing the risk of relapse
  3. If airways are clear, nose breathing allows good tongue and muscle posture and hence will be favourable to an ideal orthodontic outcome and holistically improve health
  4. Improves facial profile, and lip support
  5. Can improve speech when teeth, tongue and lips are in harmony
  6. Eases stress on the TMJ by favouring a ‘good’ bite
  7. Improves self-esteem of course! Who wouldn’t feel empowered by a beautiful smile?

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Orthodontics is not just for kids!

Adults are getting braces more than ever these days. Make the right choice, book a complimentary consultation with us to get the right advice for your particular situation.

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Clear Correct

Braces for adults - options

Adults can have orthodontics to correct their misaligned teeth too, it’s not just kids that get braces.

We have several patients in their 60s with braces on and they are wishing they had actioned treatment sooner. The conventional fixed braces are the best choice for most cases, as they are bonded onto the teeth and are working 24/7. Unlike the removable plates, it means you don’t have to worry about taking them in and out to eat, or if the dog eats them.

On the other hand, the invisible braces are great for those that may be self-conscious of wearing braces as adults. Invisible braces are very patient friendly.

Can I straighten my teeth without braces?

Yes you can, you can do this with cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain crowns and veneers.

What type of braces are best for adults?

There are several options we could pursue with you at Bayside Family Dentistry. To find out which solution is best for you, call, email or book an appointment with us online for a complimentary orthodontic consult.

  • Fixed conventional braces
  • Clear braces
  • 6 month quick braces

Cost of Braces for Adults

What is the average cost of Braces for adults?

A standard treatment using conventional fixed braces starts at $6900.

Adult orthodontic treatment tends to be much longer than the typical 18 months which may increase the fee. Our dentists will discuss these details at your own consult.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Adult Braces?

At BFD we know having braces is a big commitment, both in time and money. So we are pleased to offer the alternative of 6 months fast braces meaning braces are worn for 6 months which straighten the top and bottom front teeth, only. This is a much quicker orthodontic treatment which is very cost-effective in correcting crooked smiles.

Our Adult Braces treatment procedure

Adult Braces Step 1: Initial Orthodontic Consultation

At all regular check-ups, our dentists automatically complete an orthodontic check for all patients.

If any issues are spotted, our dentists will discuss this with you and then may suggest collecting orthodontic records.

Orthodontic records are:

  • Study models
  • Face and jaw X-rays
  • Photos of the face and teeth
  • Clinical examination of the mouth, teeth, jaws, muscles
  • A second consult to discuss the orthodontic report and treatment plan

Dentists and Orthodontists requires these records before starting treatment.

Adult Braces Step 2: Consult

Patients are invited back to discuss the orthodontic treatment after the dentist has completed the orthodontic report. This report details the types of orthodontic treatment planned, how long it will take and costs involved.

Adult Braces Step 3: Sizing up for Braces

Micro elastic bands are placed in between the teeth to create spaces to allow 360 degree measuring of the molars teeth for the molar bands. We then order your full orthodontic inventory.

Adult Braces Step 4: Braces ON Day!

All brackets are bonded onto the individual teeth and wires inserted into the bracket slots. The fun part is choosing the coloured elastic bands that connects the brackets to the wire.

Orthnognathic Surgery

What is Orthnognathic Surgery?

Sometimes normal orthodontics will not attain the desired result both in function and in result without surgery. The jaws are in a disharmonious position, so no amount of straightening of the teeth will make the jaws sit well on top of each other.

So, Dr Suzanne Cairns as well as our other dentists, work alongside the oral maxillary facial surgeon in these orthognathic cases.  A surgical approach may sound scary but consider it as orthodontics on fast forward. Orthodontic treatment is started for a period to be surgery ready, then you are referred to have your surgery when the surgeon will correct the jaw position. Orthodontics will continue 4 weeks after surgery, and this is only to finish the case off as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions on Adult Braces

Is it too late to straighten my teeth?

It is never too late, we have several older adult patients in braces in their 60s. Teeth will move at any age, it may take longer in adults but the end result is worth it.

What is the minimum time to wear braces?

Depending on what is being treated braces can fix 1 crooked tooth in as little as 1 month, or can close spaces in a few months. Come in and see us for advice on how long you can expect to wear braces for.

Can adults get partial braces?

It is not recommended to get partial braces, for example only putting braces on one set of teeth. Both sets of teeth are a 3D jigsaw puzzle so they both need braces to fix together.

Are braces covered by insurance for adults?

Yes most health funds cover orthodontics in their fee schedules. Do call and ask if you are unsure before embarking on treatment.

Is Invisalign cheaper than braces?

Invisalign are braces and exert an orthodontic force. They normally cost more because there is a higher material cost per treatment than conventional fixed braces for dentists.