Meet the team

Dr Suzanne Cairns

Dr Suzanne Cairns, principal dentist at Bayside Family Dentistry in Beaumaris, Victoria.

Dr Suzanne is a highly-trained and knowledgeable dentist with more than 17 years of experience in her field. Suzanne’s passion for her work is backed by her past training and continuing professional development.

Suzanne enjoys making all her patients feel at ease, and especially loves working with small children. The areas of dentistry she loves are orthodontics, implants and rehabilitation. She loves giving people back the function of their mouths. This leads to a holistic improvement to overall health, wellbeing, and of course self confidence.

Dr Suzanne Cairns’ experience and credentials

  • Qualified Bachelor Dental Science (BDS) Dundee UK 2003
  • Public and private sectors, Scotland 2003 – 2006
  • Cairns & Melbourne Dental Hospitals, Royal Flying Doctors Cape York 2006 – 2007
  • Botox to treat TMJ headache UK 2010
  • Primary Examinations (RACDS) 2014
  • POS Orthodontic Seminars 2016-17
  • Somnomed Dental Sleep Medicine 2016
  • Surgical Implant dentistry (Melbourne Dental School) 2018-19

Dr Caroline Lai

Dr Caroline Lai

Dr Caroline enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, being particularly experienced with dental emergencies and managing the very anxious patients.

Her calm and gentle approach helps achieve a comfortable experience for the phobic and stressed patient. Caroline is down to earth and approachable, she takes her patients concerns into consideration and is always striving to achieve a high patient satisfaction rate.

Caroline is also as quirky as they come! Being a mature dentist she somehow has more energy than kids at a party! All clients love her as she can relate to all ages. Her Asian heritage means she was blessed with age-defying looks. We are not jealous at all *sigh*.

Outside of dentistry, Caroline enjoys travel, having had the privilege of visiting many parts of the world. Her love of different cultures is what makes her so approachable and interesting to talk to. She also enjoys different cuisines and loves a good meal with family and friends.

Dr Caroline Lai’s experience and credentials

  • Qualified Bachelor Dental Science (BDS) University of Birmingham, UK 1984
  • NHS and private sectors, UK 1984 – 1987
  • Owner of private practice, Singapore 1987 – 2004

Caroline (Practice Manager)

Bayside Family Dentistry's Practice Manager Caroline

Caroline is our ray of sunshine! In fact, at work, she is the centre of the solar system, and we all revolve around her as she keeps us in check. Our practice manager is first in last out, keeping the dentists running on time, and ensuring the smooth running of the practice. Caroline has worked her way up from a dental nurse role 7 years ago, knowing all along her forte is in management.

Caroline adores animals and would likely be a vet or vet nurse, had she not found herself in dental. A decision we at BFD are delighted she made. Outside of work, Caroline’s biggest love (apart from her beloved boyfriend of course) is travelling, but also she loves to hit the gym, watching movies, and catching up with her friends.

Did you know she was born in Mauritius? Caroline moved to Australia 15 years ago and is fluent in French and Creole!

She’s an all-rounder, patients and staff alike, love her.


Vicki from Bayside Family Dentistry

What can we say? Vicki has been our most loyal long-standing member of staff. She started in dentistry with the previous owner of BFD, way back in 2007 and has had an uninterrupted run since. She probably knows more than some dentists! An excellent support staff to our dentists, who love working with her as she thinks before they do!

Vicki has recently started uni studying Bachelor of Arts but still working with us.

Her expertise in dentistry is infection control. Nothing escapes her hawk-like eyes and our practice is sparkling due to her meticulous standards.

Vicki LOVES a good book. You dare to interrupt her at lunchtime whilst she catches up with her novel! She is a breath of fresh air and our bookworm is passionate about literature, writing, reading, but also music, Improv (we think this is so cool!) and catching up with her family and friends at the weekend.

Random fact about Vicki, she can curl her tongue into a half three leaf clover.