Emergency Dental

Emergency Dentist

We are here for you!

Question, what’s the point in having a local dentist to you when you can’t get in to see them? Especially in the case of a dental emergency?Are they closed after hours and on weekends? Eek, not good!

Studies show that patients are more likely to stay with a dentist or clinic if they are accessible. That is true, but at Bayside Family Dentistry we have a moral obligation to you as our patients (current and new) to look after you.

Bayside Family Dentistry has proudly been part of the Beaumaris Concourse for 46 years and counting. We love being part of an exceptional community and want to give back.

That said, any voicemails to the practice after hours are immediately pushed through to our mobiles and triaged. We will always see you in an emergency and have allocated slot times every day for these appointments. Don’t worry, we can even stay open beyond our closing times to treat your emergency.

Our Opening Hours

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What types of dental emergencies will we see?

  • Facial swelling. If swelling is affecting your speech, swallowing, or breathing go straight to emergency or call an ambulance.
  • Painful tooth that has not settled with painkillers and is getting worse.
  • Child facial trauma. If a tooth is knocked out (avulsed) tooth and the child has suffered a knock to the head, go straight to emergency. Put the knocked out tooth in a zip-lock bag with the patient’s spit and take it with you.
  • Broken teeth that cause pain.
  • Soft tissue trauma.

Call us on (03) 95894472 with any questions, or book an appointment online now. We are here to help.