Tooth Crowns

What is a Tooth Crown?

Dental crowns are specialised fitting crowns or caps that encompass the whole tooth to give it strength and function. These ‘teeth’ crowns have a double function. They also will help the general appearance of a tooth by improving the alignment, shape or colour.

You will have been advised on a dental crown to protect your tooth if you have a tooth that is badly decayed, fractured or has had a root canal treatment, so to prevent further breakdown. You can expect to get around 15 years of life from your crown, all things considered, before it will need replacing.

What are Dental Crowns made from?

We primarily make tooth-coloured crowns (zirconia crowns but you may also hear them mentioned as porcelain crowns) which blend to your natural tooth shade. There are a few situations when these crowns are not the ideal selection, and an alternative crown material will be advised. Alternatives materials could be a silver crown or a composite crown. Gold crowns were all the rage back in the 70s and gold is still classed as one of the most prestigious dental crown materials to use today. We will discuss all material options at your consult.

Dental Crown Procedure Steps

Just two appointments are required until you get your custom tooth crown.

  • Appointment 1: The first appointment is to prepare the tooth. An impression is taken of the tooth and sent to the lab for your custom crown to be made.
    In the meantime, you will leave with a high-quality temporary crown that fits onto your prepared tooth.
  • Appointment 2: Normally between 10 to 14 days later, we will see you for the fitting of your permanent crown. It is glued on with a strong cement, and that’s it!

You can expect to have some sensitivity for a few days with your new crown, that is normal, thereafter treat it as your own tooth.

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Been told you need a Crown?

We are happy to offer you a second opinion and to discuss other solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Crowns

Is it painful to have a crown put on your tooth?

When you receive a dental crown, there is some preparation to your existing tooth before the crown can be placed. At that time, you’ll be given a local anaesthetic so that you feel comfortable, so there will be no pain.

What do Dental Crowns cost?

All our crowns are made to a premier standard in our dental lab, each with individual precision and care.

We aim to keep costs as low as possible for you to invest in your tooth/teeth for the long-term. Contact Bayside Family Dentistry For more information on how we can help with dental treatment costs and payment plans.

How long do dental crowns last?

Nothing lasts forever, but if your mouth is well looked after, you have excellent oral hygiene, and regular dental visits, a standard crown will last 10-15 years maybe longer before needing replaced.

Are there any alternatives to dental crowns?

Yes, our dentists can make a direct crown in the chair from our composite resin materials called a direct composite crown. It is not as strong in comparison to a porcelain / ceramic crown and will not last as long. However, it is a feasible solution for a short term fix.

Porcelain / Ceramic or Gold crowns, which one is the best for me?

As long as the underlying tooth is sound and decay-free either material type is as good as the other.

Gold crowns are not chosen as much nowadays due to their cost for pure gold, but also people are choosing more tooth coloured crowns.

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Been told you need a Crown?

We are happy to offer you a second opinion and to discuss other solutions.