Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist in Beaumaris

Do you have a dental emergency?

We are open Monday to Saturday and do have allocated emergency dental appointments every day to see you.

However, emergencies can happen anytime to anyone.

If you need us, we are here to help with advice anytime.

Call us if in any doubt, at any time and we will return your call and assess your emergency. Kind of like your 24 hour emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentists in Beaumaris

During the week if you call us out-of-hours, we will respond early the next day and see you as a priority, even on Saturdays.

But… I need an Emergency Dental Hospital now!

While we recommend you contact us first as your nearest emergency dentist, should we not be open, and you require immediate and urgent treatment, The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne has 24 hour emergency department. They can be contacted on (03) 9341 1000.

Our Emergency Dental Services

Emergency wisdom tooth removal

At Bayside Family Dentistry, we remove most wisdom teeth right here in our clinic without needs for a referral, so if you have any problems with your wisdom teeth, call us on (03) 9589 4472 and we will be glad to help, or book online.

Emergency kid’s dentist

A knocked-out tooth after a sports injury or falling off their bikes? Unfortunately, these scenarios are a reality for active kids. You can’t watch your active kids all the time but, thankfully, we’re here whenever you may need us.

Dental trauma is scary for both the child and parents. A knocked-out tooth after a sports injury or falling off their bikes, is all too common. Call us, we know what to do. Also see the section notes below on trauma.

Emergency Dental Care

Dental Emergency Examples and Advice

Below are examples of TRUE dental emergencies that would require a dental emergency appointment. Until you are seen by a dentist, please read the advice below:

  1. A broken tooth with pain that doesn’t resolve with medication
    Take pain relief according to instructions. Tooth may be temperature sensitive so have food and drinks tepid.
  2. A swelling in the gum causing pain
    Soft massage of the area with pain relief will help along with warm saltwater rinses. There may be something stuck in the gum, so soft brushing and flossing may dislodge the culprit.
  3. Trauma to a tooth or jaw (following sports injury or accident)
    If a tooth has been knocked out, you must immediately place it in a bag of milk or saliva NOT water. Do not clean it in water first! Place a cold pack for any swellings at the site, after the injury.
  4. Excessive bleeding in the mouth (after tooth extraction or treatment)
    Lie down and bite on a rolled up sterile gauze for 10 mins. If this does not resolve the matter, call us immediately or go straight to the nearest hospital emergency.
  5. Swelling in mouth causing difficulty breathing or swallowing


Other important but not dental emergency examples

Check out the list below on dental issues that may arise that are not classed as true emergencies, with helpful advice until your next appointment.

  1. A chipped tooth without pain
    If the chipped tooth is not rubbing against the tongue or cheeks, then this will be fine until we see you again. Place a piece of chewing gum on the rough edge if it is rubbing the soft tissue ((tongue lips or cheeks ). Saltwater rinses will also help.
  2. A broken filling without pain
    As before.
  3. A broken piece of porcelain from a crown / bridge or implant crown
    This normally will not cause pain. Saltwater rinsing will help soft tissues if the rough edge is rubbing.
  4. A broken denture
    Remove the denture and leave it out until you attend your next appointment.
  5. A loose wire or bracket from an orthodontic appliance
    Please keep all loose parts. Call us and let us know, so we can extend your next appointment and we will repair it then. If there are any wires cutting into the flesh, then place some orthodontic wax, or medical gauze on the wire end. Anything more serious than this, call us right away.