Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

teeth whitening

We have researched the best products on the market and Natural+ is the latest proven effective teeth whitening system. With so many harsh chemicals around us these days, it is a relief to have something that can give great results with no nasties.


For those who want a quick, and cost-effective result, we have the Natural + In Chair whitening procedure. There are no hard metals, totally safe and in around 60 minutes you will have a brighter smile, up to 8 shades brighter in fact, and the best bit?...the results last.


Alternatively, if you would rather do it at home, we have Natural + Home Tooth Whitening. A set of moulds of your teeth are taken to make trays, which are clear, flexible mouthguards that sit comfortably over your teeth. This is where you will apply the whitening gel.

For just 1 hour per day, changes are visible in approx 3 to 14 days (results will vary from individual to individual).

There is little to no sensitivity, so you can have fab, white teeth in no time – happy days.

With either of the whitening treatments it is essential you have a dental examination prior. It is not advisable to have these treatments with active gum disease or cavities present. These have to be attended to, otherwise you will have pain, and more damage is likely to the teeth and gums.

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For the ones who don't have time to do the treatment at home, you will find this the best option. Lie in the chair, and with our comfy headphones on drift off whilst we make you (even more!) beautiful. There is Netflix to watch or you even do your online shopping, answer emails or book a holiday whilst you whiten!


  • Relax in a chair for 60-75mins for the in chair whitening.
  • Take home kit with custom trays and Natural + Home Whitening gel included FREE (worth $400!)
  • A desensitising toothpaste for you to take home after treatment
  • A 2-week review with the dentist.


Going overseas, or staying with your relos but haven't started your whitening yet? This option is for you if you'd rather whiten your pegs whenever and wherever you want.With lower sensitivity and proven results, this option is very popular.


  • In the comfort of your own home DIY treatment
  • Take home kit with custom fitting trays and Natural + Home Whitening gel
  • Desensitising toothpaste
  • 2-week review with the dentist


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