Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

If you are anxious about all dental treatment, or needing your wisdom teeth out, we have it covered at Bayside Family Dentistry. There are several options available to you and we are here to help answer all your questions.

Whether it’s the sleepy gas (Nitrous Oxide), IV sedation or even general anaesthetic we have it covered with Sleep Dentistry.

Anxious about your dental appointment?

If you have nerves about upcoming treatments, please let us know so we can make your visit the most comfortable as it can be. Dr Suzanne will take extra time with you and is known for her calming chair-side manner to put you at ease. Our whole team knows it can be a big ordeal to the slightest anxious patient, even to come to the dentist. Our loving team are nurturing and will spend whatever the time you need, no rush.

Our Sedation and Sleep Dentistry treatments

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous Oxide is a gas and is commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas and is used to reduce anxiety. It is administrated through a single use nose piece, and you are totally conscious throughout the procedure but somewhat relaxed. The gas is quick to leave the body and you can get up and walk out without side-effects. It is not suitable in pregnancy and those who cannot easily breathe through their nose.

Nitrous Oxide for kids (Laughing Gas for kids)

Nitrous Oxide is suitable for young children as it is very safe. We have smaller nose pieces that are scented especially for kids. Parents are welcome to bring the kids in prior to the appointment and try it out. (Do ring us ahead for this). Also, kids are allowed to keep their nose pieces and bring them home.

IV Sedation

With IV you are in a deeper state of detachment but still not completely unconscious. It is administered via an injection, and you will likely not remember most of the procedure afterwards.

A highly trained anaesthetist and a team of nurses will be on site at our practice to look after you. Even after the procedure our team will be with you through your recovery. You will be assessed by the anaesthetist personally if this is right for you as there are certain people who are not suitable for IV sedation. They include(but not restricted to) those allergic to sedatives, COPD, severe asthma, heavy snorers, diabetics.

IV Sedation for Kids

Parents are allowed in with their child during sedation. As they may appear they are fully under, they are just in a deeper state of sleepiness. Your child may have some simple machines attached to monitor their heart rate (pulse) and oxygen levels. Our professional staff monitor the child throughout the whole procedure until they awaken.

General Anesthetic

This is the option chosen for those who are not suitable for IV sedation, nitrous oxide or for complex oral surgery cases.

A referral to the hospital is required and Dr Suzanne will attend. You will be unconscious for the procedure so it carries more risk, and the recovery can be up to 7 days.