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Not all orthodontics starts in the teens as what most people think, our orthodontic assessments are completed at every child's examination, even as young as 2 years old!

Rather than watch a malocclusion ( or a bad bite) adversely grow and us think 'let's deal with it when all the baby teeth have gone' 'NO!' We note it early and treat at an age-appropriate time, so as not to encounter difficult and long orthodontic treatment in the future.


Orthodontics not only creates a beautiful, straight smile, but it has a list of other benefits.

  1. Straight teeth are easier to clean and therefore you will have healthier gums and less decay
  2. If the jaws are in a good relationship, the teeth will be too, reducing the risk of relapse
  3. Helps attain nose breathing and not mouth breathing (see Bite and Breathing page. CLICK HERE)
  4. Improves facial profile, and lip support
  5. Can improve speech when teeth, tongue and lips are in harmony
  6. Eases stress on the TMJ by favouring a 'good' bite
  7. Improves self-esteem of course! Who wouldn't feel empowered by a beautiful smile?


At all children's check-ups, we will automatically do an orthodontic check. If any issues are spotted then we will discuss this with you the parent and we may suggest collecting orthodontic records.

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Records are:

Study models

Face and jaw x-rays ( for measuring )

Photos of the face and teeth

Clinical examination of the mouth, teeth, jaws, muscles

A second consult to discuss the orthodontic report and treatment plan

**Any dentist or orthodontist requires these records before starting treatment.


If your child requires early orthodontics this is called Phase 1 ortho or interceptive orthodontics. As mentioned earlier, this is when we action when a malocclusion appears. Some malocclusions from sucking a thumb may simply need monitoring, and as the child grows and the habit stops, the malocclusion may self -correct.

We have a number of ways to treat malocclusions depending on the type and severity, these include removable appliances and fixed braces.

If you are a new patient and are concerned about your child's teeth or jaws, book in for a complimentary consult by calling our friendly team on  (03) 9589 4472.

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