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Spring Into Summer With A Dazzling White Smile!

BuZzzz words Sleep Apnea

Read on to see how sleep apnea can have an impact on your teeth and health!

The happiest of gases

We know your dental visit can play on your mind and some people have to ‘psych’ themselves up for it. At BFD we offer the happy gas or nitrous oxide sedation for these exact situations. And why not? If we can make your visit as comfortable as possible then we will.

Importance of water

Water has many health benefits but also helps to look after our teeth too! Here’s 4 reasons why you should guzzle it down…

Bad habits

Nearly everyone has something that they do, that they wish they could stop, like smoking, biting your nails or chewing your lips. These habits are called bad habits, and for good reason too.

Pregnancy and your mouth

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in your life, and with so much going on, you may put dental visits to the bottom of your list. However, with the hormone changes, your dental health changes too and so it’s important to keep on top of it to prevent problems down the track. Here is a list of changes you might notice in your mouth, and how you can manage them.

Hidden Sugars

Where is the Sugar? These days, almost everyone knows that sugar is harmful to our teeth, and health in general too. Sugar of course is linked to obesity , diabetes, and heart disease. For this reason, many people will try to limit their sugar intake. But how do we actually know how much sugar is in something?

Rewarding for referrals

The best compliment undoubtably you can give is a referral. So that is why we are returning the gratitude with a $25 voucher to anyone who kindly refers a new patient to the practice. It could be anyone, your mum, brother, next door neighbour! There is no limit to how many you can refer either, so the more you refer the more vouchers you will receive. Vouchers can be redeemed against all treatments. For further details please (03) 95894472 or email Terms & Conditions apply *Vouchers can only be redeemed by the person issued to. **Vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months of issue.

Child Dental Health Voucher Accepted

Have you been sent a child dental voucher from Medicare? Well , we accept them at BFD so don’t lose your allowance for your child before it’s too late.

Introducing Suzanne and Caroline to the Concourse

Dr Caroline and Dr Suzanne have taken over the long running practice from Dr Graham Thomas in December 2017. (Dr Thomas is still currently working at the practice but is phasing into retirement). Suzanne and Caroline are a great team, bringing new, fresh ideas to patients.

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