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Children's dentistry

In 2011 a child dental health survey found that almost 50 per cent of Australian children between five and six years of age have one or more cavities in their baby teeth, while one in ten of all children have more than seven cavities.

The experienced team at Bayside Family Dentistry are specialists in interceptive procedures for children to prevent crooked smiles. 

Our gentle interceptive approaches (between the ages of six and ten) mean we can address crooked smiles generally without the need for orthodontics or braces.

How do we help prevent crooked smiles?


  • talk to you about lifestyle and habits from a very early age (ideally starting at two and a half years old but anywhere between five and ten years)
  • offer you practical advice and instruction in management and prevention
  • discuss interceptive orthodontic treatment including:
    • habit correction
    • simple appliance therapy such as a small removable plate
    • more complex appliance therapies where necessary such as multiple plates or various appliances
  • offer specialist referrals where needed including:
    • radiology
    • speech therapy
    • ear nose and throat specialist
    • paediatric specialist
  • use up to date technology and treatment options including ‘happy gas’ sedation
  • give comprehensive explanations and support, ongoing supervision and recall
  • have compassionate, understanding, experienced staff who are dedicated to children’s health.

Our dental team will work out the different treatment options for your child and discuss them fully with you.

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